With most small projects this stage would be fairly limited . We would carry out preliminary investigations concerning the site, which would involve initial discussions with planners, usually now by means of a pre-application enquiry, to determine how your proposals are likely to be recieved by the local planning office. We would also investigate any other possible physical or legal impediments, that might prevent your project going ahead. Its much better to discover this early before your financial committment becomes too onerous.In this project it was important to know, as soon as possible, if the clients’s requirements could be met in the existing building or whether an extension would beWe also advise on the Health and Safety issues and what the Client needs to do to cover the liabilities in this respect.


We need to know what it is that you, the client require. The brief forms the basis of your instructions to the architect, setting out your requirements in detail. We like to develop the brief in calaboration with the client. The brief can be a very flexible document that changes as the project proceeds.

Brief and Feasibility
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Design Process Stage